About Us

Realizing the vision of eRNA.

Our Vision

Advancing eRNA-based therapeutics to enable more predictable and impactful medicines for the world.

Laronde is building a company fueled by our modular Endless RNA™ (eRNA) platform, which will be supported by a large-scale digital and manufacturing infrastructure with the bold vision of 100 new medicines within the next decade. With eRNA, we’re making new therapeutics that will become essential medicines of the future.

Applying scientific creativity to make the world a better place for all human beings.

eRNA technology was invented at Flagship Labs by a team led by Flagship Pioneering General Partner, Avak Kahvejian, Ph.D., the founding CEO of Laronde. In 2017, the team began to explore the therapeutic applicability of long non-coding RNA (lncRNA), naturally abundant in circular form within mammalian cells. Unlike natural messenger RNA (mRNA), which initiates translation by recruiting ribosomes through interaction with proteins bound to the mRNA’s 5’ region, natural circular lncRNA does not readily interact with ribosomes.

The Flagship team’s exploration led to the invention of eRNA, a proprietary, closed-loop RNA construct engineered to be translatable. Having no free ends, eRNA are not recognized by the innate immune system or exonuclease enzymes, and are highly stable, enabling a prolonged therapeutic effect. In addition, the therapeutic protein expression capabilities of eRNA are modular and programmable. Switching the eRNA protein-coding cassette” directs the body to make peptides, enzymes, antibodies, channels, and receptors, both inside and outside of the cell. 


Board of Directors

  • Noubar Afeyan
    Noubar Afeyan
    Chairman of the Board
    Founder and CEO, Flagship Pioneering
  • Avak Kahvejian
    Avak Kahvejian
    Founding CEO & Board Member
    General Partner, Flagship Pioneering
  • John Mendlein
    John Mendlein
    Board Member
    Executive Partner, Flagship Pioneering
  • Diego Miralles 3
    Diego Miralles
    CEO, Laronde
    CEO-Partner, Flagship Pioneering

Founding Team

  • Avak Kahvejian
    Avak Kahvejian
    Founding CEO & Board Member
    General Partner, Flagship Pioneering
  • Sophie de Boer
    Sophie de Boer
    Senior Associate, Flagship Pioneering
  • Yann Echelard 2
    Yann Echelard
    Operating Partner, Flagship Pioneering
  • Nicholas Plugis 1
    Nicholas Plugis
    Principal, Flagship Pioneering
  • Erica Weinstein
    Erica Weinstein
    Principal, Flagship Pioneering


  • Sebastian Kadener
    Associate Professor of Biology, Brandeis University
  • Nahum Sonenberg
    Gilman Cheney Chair in Biochemistry, McGill University
  • Jeremy Wilusz
    Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine